Time to Start Your Next Big Thing

Is it time to start your next big thing? Many aspiring business owners say they can’t find the time or money to start their own business. But everyone has 24 hours in a day, so why do some people manage to start successful side businesses while others struggle?

  • We live in a fast paced, always on, always connected world and this book shows you how to organise, prioritise and take control
  • Stop setting goals using the old SMART formula and find out what you need to add to it for your best chance of success
  • Learn how to make better decisions, make more of them, stop procrastinating and take action towards your goals

About Time to Start Author, Danny Hile

Danny Hile wrote this book when he felt lost in his career. In fact, he started writing as his own form of therapy. Danny was feeling trapped, burnt out and overwhelmed after 2 years in the NSW Police Force. Dealing with high stress, sometimes dangerous work and a toxic work environment took a toll on him and many close to him.

Danny was in debt, had little to show for his long hours and hard work and wanted to change his life for the better. During his time in emergency services, Danny experienced anger, sadness and emotional outbursts that he knew were not in his nature; rather a result of a stressful work situation where he would often feel like he had little or no support.

Looking around him, Danny observed the toll working in this job had on some more senior police officers. Heavy drinking, failed marriages, fractured families, frequent mood swings, loneliness, depression and sometimes worse. So, he decided if he wanted a better life he had to do something about it for himself.

Danny’s Next Chapter

Danny wanted to turn his life around and, within months, he did so in spades. Danny had changed jobs, initially to a retail sales role, and started to pay his debt off. Almost overnight, he began to feel happier and more in control of himself. He experimented by reading dozens of self help books, as he decided what to do for his own next chapter, and began to write about his own experiences as a self reflection exercise.

Soon, these musings became chapters, as Danny dissected and tested what he learned during his efforts to create a better life.

Danny has since achieved important life milestones by following the steps outlined in his book. He took on new jobs in TV, radio, event and digital advertising, so he could deepen his practical experience in advertising and promotion. He has achieved multiple sales awards in his sales career.

Despite a few smaller hurdles this seemed to be going well until COVID hit. Then Danny’s work hours were reduced from full time to part time, along with a significant loss of income. Coupled with a toxic leadership team and work culture, Danny decided it was time to realise his own true worth and move on from that role. In fact, Danny wasn’t alone in his decison. Staffing levels at that location declined by 80 percent within 1 year.

Danny started a new web design business to supplement his income during COVID and this formed part of his exit plan. He accepted a new role to start coaching low income individuals, so they could start and run their own businesses. He wanted to empower clients with an opportunity to create financial independence.

Your New Life

Today, Danny works as a Business Coach and Founder of Go Solo Startups, where he shares the business and marketing knowledge he developed over 20 years (some before his role in as a police officer) by working in incubation teams, business-to-business sales, advertising and promotional roles. He is in a significantly better financial position than before, lives in the house he always dreamed of and has an amazing wife and son. Goals he concedes he could never have achieved if he did not first work on being a better man and realising the value he contrinutes to the world.

Since improving his own situation, Danny has coached dozens of business owners, taught live workshops and published online courses. His online courses alone have attracted over 4,000 students to learn about business, marketing and productivity. This all started with Danny teaching the fundamentals he first published in his book, Time to Start: Your Next Big Thing. Your best life and your best business, start when you set awesome goals and get to work on your plan.

How to Feel Back in Control

Many entrepreneurs feel out of control when it comes to their time and the impact they can have. Entrepreneurs are suffering from an ever changing global landscape, constant changes in technology, stress, overwork and even burnout. In Time to Start: Your Next Big Thing, Danny teaches you that even in today’s world, even after COVID, you can set long term goals and turn your vision into your success story. But you need to take your first step.

Author, Danny Hile, walks you through 7 simple steps to master your time. As an entrepreneur, you need to feel back in control. You need to take deliberate and decisive action towards your goals. Then you need a plan, so you can invest your time to work on your goals. Life is not a dress rehearsal… we only get one shot. You can read this book in about 2 hours and get a massive head start on turning your dreams into your reality. Buy it from Amazon, Kobo or order it from your favourite local bookstore.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Rating: 5 out of 5.