Your choice of graphic designers

Your choice of graphic designers

Your choice of graphic designersGood graphic designers can be worth their weight in gold, however, hiring a good graphic designer can cost you a small fortune. As a new solopreneur or entrepreneur, on a shoestring budget, a top designer might not be the first thing you need to pay for.

Eventually you might need a logo, business card, website, book cover and more for your start up business. Unless you have deep pockets, this can quickly add up to a small fortune. Don’t worry. I have rounded up a few options for when you need graphic designers.

  1. Visit Canva and design just about anything yourself, even if you’re not a designer. Canva is free to get started but there is a very small fee if you want to use their photos or artwork.
  2. Go to Fiverr and get just about anything done, including logos, business cards and more. Graphic designers advertise a service they provide for a fixed fee, which is usually much less than you would pay a local designer. Some services start at $5 US.
  3. Go to Freelancer and list your job. Freelancer is a site where you can list any work you need done, in this case graphic design, and then people can bid for your work. You set the requirements and your budget and then graphic designers can bid against each other for you to hire them.
  4. Visit 99 Designs and find good graphic designers. 99 Designs is not the cheapest of all of these options, however, their graphic designers are usually very skilled. You can list your job and then designers show off their skills. The best part about 99 Designs is that you get to see the designs before you select your designer
  5. Visit 99 Designs Projects when you have found a designer you’re happy with. Instead of listing jobs and sorting through bids, you can rehire a graphic designer you have used before. So you can hire a regular designer at a predictable price.

Good graphic designers are hard to find. I’m not suggesting each of these services is a better option than a good local designer. I suggest you read testimonials and reviews for each designer you consider hiring, either online or in person.

I know what it’s like to be on a limited budget, with limited time. I recently got some quotes for my new book cover design, which ranged from $300 to $1,000. Due to my limited budget, I hired a freelancer from Bulgaria instead. I thought investing $70 wasn’t such a great risk. It turns out I was very happy with my new book cover and I have recommended that designer to others.

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