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Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant ServicesSeveral virtual assistant services are available for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. I took some time to get used to trusting the outsourcing process myself; however, I’m getting a lot more confident with hiring freelancers.

As an entrepreneur, you probably already know you shouldn’t outsource everything. Instead, invest your personal time into activities where you deliver the highest value for your clients. Outsource anything else, where you can’t add any more value for your clients by doing it yourself.

I suggest you calculate the time required to complete an activity and then times that by your hourly rate. Work out if there is a real opportunity to earn more or add more value by outsourcing the task at hand and investing your personal time elsewhere.

Virtual assistant services can be computer automated, completed by a real person or both. Following are five such options for any entrepreneur who can’t afford a full time personal assistant:

1. Voice automation; such as Cortana, Siri or Google voice –let you use voice commands to perform all sorts of tasks including scheduling, messaging, calling and admin.

2. Fiverr –lists fixed price virtual assistant services, so you can see upfront what services are on offer and how much they cost.

3. Freelancer –Freelancer lets you list and describe your project, set a budget and attract bids from relevant freelancers.

4. Shared offices –shared virtual and physical offices are available for a small fee. Usually these services come with shared or part time access to a workspace, as well as virtual assistant services. One advantage of having a shared office is a shared receptionist, who can take calls when you’re not there.

5. Dedicated virtual assistant services –as the name implies you can get a dedicated virtual assistant without the additional expense of a full time employee. Usually, these services are available from one hour of assistance to 40 hours or more per week.

This list is by no means extensive but it will give you some viable options for getting help when you need it. Most entrepreneurs and small business owners I have met are pressed for time, pressed for money or both.

Virtual assistant services can help ease the burden of some tasks, so you can find time to work on adding value to your business.

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