How to turn your ideas into action today

“The future depends on what you do today.” -Mahatma Ghandi
When you to think of someone who has changed the world, who comes to mind? There are probably many. Whoever comes to your mind is not there just because of a thought they had but of an action they took. In fact, if you want to change anything yourself you need to take action.
So, what stops people from acting out their goals and dreams? You probably know this is true of yourself or have seen it in someone else. The world is full of great ideas but people need to act on those ideas to benefit.
Here are some tips, which you might try, to prompt you into action:
  1. Manage distractions, so they stay to a minimum.
  2. Determine what results you need from this action.
  3. Decide if this action is the best way to achieve your desired outcome.
  4. Keep your activity simple or, if it is complicated, break it down into actionable steps.
  5. Stay focused on a single step or activity until it is done. Multi-tasking does not work.
  6. Make time in your day for what matters. Having a ‘to do list’ is one thing but allocating sufficient time to ensure things get done is equally significant.
  7. Understand your behaviours and recognise if they amount to procrastination. You may be making all sorts of invalid excuses and not even realise it.

These points should help you deal with common road blocks and take action today. If you still find you are not getting things done, you may need to take a step back and be honest about what’s stopping you.

Great ideas are plentiful but people who act on them are not. Be one of the people that gets things done!

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