6 tips to boost your productivity

6 Steps to improve your productivity

Brian Tracey shares some great but simple steps to be more productive today. That means you can get more done, go home early or take a long lunch.

For the time investment of just a few minutes this video could so much more.

In this video, Brian talks us through 6 simple steps to being a better time manager:

  1. Prepare in advance: Prepare your work list the night before, so you can clear your mind of the to-do list and get a better night’s sleep.
  2. Schedule your time: Control your own time, so someone else doesn’t!
  3. Start your day early: Take some time to sit, think and plan long before the phone starts ringing.
  4. Organisational skills: Tidy up and file things correctly, so you don’t waste a big part of your day looking for things.
  5. Increase your productivity: Work when you are most alert and productive. This will vary with your type of work and your internal body clock. Both individual and environmental factors will determine when you are most productive.
  6. Air travel productivity: Make a point to use travel time to get some work done. Brian mentions recent findings that time on a plane is usually more productive than time in the office because there are fewer interruptions.

Watch Brian’s video below and start adding these tips to your time management toolbox. Brian’s 6 simple steps are easy to include in your work day and could make a world of difference to your productivity and your work life balance.


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