Time management skills for startups

Learn time management skills for startups

Learn time management skills for startups, today.

Productivity is vital if you want to be successful in today’s busy world. Danny Hile is an author, blogger and productivity coach who can teach you how to master your time.

What is a startup business?

A startup business is an entrepreneurial venture or new business. Time management skills benefit startups including:

  • Solopreneurs
  • Entreprenenurs
  • Freelancers

Essential time management skills for startups

Danny’s mission is to help startup business owners, like you, learn business skills to step up to today’s challenges and opportunities:

  • Start your own part time business or project;
  • Find time to increase your value to your clients or employer;
  • Overcome the busyness trap and power up your productivity;
  • Start and grow your business on a shoestring budget by being resourceful;
  • Manage teams and projects more effectively, as your business grows.

We live in an always on, always connected world and therefore we have great challenges and opportunities ahead of us. If you learn effective time management skills and how to be resourceful, you can step up and meet any challenge or seize any opportunity.

7 simple steps to master your time

How to find time to start your next big thing.
How to find time to start your next big thing.

I wrote my book, ‘Time to Start’, to help you get back in control of your time and achieve your goals. ‘Time to Start’ will help you master 7 essential time management skills:

  1. Create your personal mission statement.
  2. Set your own goals
  3. Focus on what you want
  4. Organise your schedule
  5. Make your own decisions
  6. Act on your decisions
  7. Review your results and progress

‘Time to Start’ helps your answer the question, “What would you start if you had more time?

“Lack of direction, not lack of time is the problem. We all have 24 hour days” -Zig Ziglar, American author, salesman and motivational speaker.

Learn time management skills for startups. Grab your copy of Time to Start today.