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Vay Ross

Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBuffer[Danny Hile’s 2019 Goal Setting Masterclass has] Great content ! I incite the teacher to launch a course video about the whole content of his book ! Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBuffer

Tony Heywood: Director @ Optimal Bookkeeping

Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBuffer” [Danny Hile’s Goal Setting Masterclass] course so far is very thought provoking. And I am now ready to take some action.” Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBuffer

Michael Cluff: Team Leader @ Thermomix

Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBuffer“Thanks Danny for your [Goal Setting] Masterclass. I am grateful to have come away inspired & looking forward to making actions on my goals.” Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBuffer

Kerrie Phipps: Leadership Coach @

Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBuffer“I’m really impressed with [Danny Hile’s] book, [Time to Start]. It’s small and easy to read (and carry around while travelling) but also SO full of gems that it needs a re-write with a highlighter. I’ll be using this as a resource and sharing it with clients also, who will not only start their […]

Peter Brown: Founder @ Fisique Body Transformations

Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBuffer“What I liked about [Danny Hile’s] book, [Time to Start] was it took some complex time management ideas and simplified them. Danny did a great job balancing stories of personal experience and setting actionable tasks to give even the most unorganized person an easy to follow step by step time management system. I highly […]

Nathan Shooter: Founder @ Brandhood.Co

Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBuffer“Danny’s book, [Time to Start], is highly actionable and very straight forward… with some of the challenges I have experienced over the last couple of years, it’s brought to my attention the ever-increasing need for me to master my minutes. And so, I know for myself, I need to read this book over and […]

Dave Pankhurst: Owner @ The Book Connection

Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBuffer“A very thoughtful coverage of achievement in life… This is not a large volume. It provides the challenges, details the mechanism and typical decisions one encounters.” Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBuffer

John Curley: Principal @ Peacocke Accountants

Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBuffer“I would like to thank Danny [Hile] for running a great session at our workplace on time management. He was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. My staff all got lots of good tips on how to improve their own time management and also great tips on email management. I would highly recommend his services.” Share […]