How to find temporary office space anywhere

temporary office spaceDo you ever feel the need to escape your office and find temporary office space, so you can focus on your work? Offices (even home offices) can be noisy, cluttered and distracting at times, so it can be nice to escape.

You may also be looking for a place to work while you wait idly for a train or plane, before a meeting, waiting for your car to be serviced or out of normal office hours.

Here’s a list of places to work, in case you need temporary office space:

  1. Airport lounges: if you’re planning to travel by plane, you might be more productive if you take advantage of an airport lounge service. You can use these services while you wait for your flight or during stop overs.
  2. Fast food chains: many fast food chains now have Wi-Fi, coffee and reasonably comfortable seats. Some of them have started giving free hire for their party rooms, which convert to meeting rooms albeit only temporary. Office space is accompanied by catering services when required.
  3. Town libraries: most town libraries have a wealth of resources for public use, including books, journals, computers, desks, meeting rooms and presentation aids. They usually have internet access too.
  4. Cafes: probably the most popular temporary office space outside of the actual office. Most have free Wi-Fi these days and they’re happy for you to use it if you’re a customer. For the price of a cup of coffee, you will usually be left alone to get your work done.
  5. Universities: you probably already use university cafeterias or the library if you’re a student. If you have finished your study, sometimes you can join the university library as an alumni or there may be some joining options for non students.
  6. Shopping centres: malls make a good temporary office space because they mostly have Wi-Fi these days. Many have a food court or a reasonably comfortable place to sit, use their Wi-Fi and be left alone. You’re usually not hassled at these centres even if you don’t buy anything because your seat is not owned by any single food vendor.
  7. Hotel lobbies: if you’re staying in a city with a nice hotel foyer or coffee shop, you might be in luck with free Wi-Fi there. You will often find a lounge area because hotels like to make their guests feel comfortable.
  8. Incubation centres: shared offices and business incubation centres are becoming quite popular. Sometimes you can pay to use a hot desk for an hour or pay for an office by the day, the week or the month. Search for co-working, shared office space, or incubation hubs in your area.
  9. Internet cafes: they don’t usually serve great coffee but that’s not the idea. Internet cafes offer a space to work in when you need somewhere temporary. Office space is limited and there are no meeting rooms, however, it is a good place to catch up when you haven’t brought your laptop.
  10. Parks: okay, so there’s no Wi-Fi in parks unless you take your own. Sometimes you need to escape the office for somewhere more serene. Depending on the work you do, you should be able to find something you can do offline. Enjoy the fresh air.

Today’s technology means more people can work from more places than ever before. Fixed office space is becoming less common for people who travel, work from home or work remotely. Make the most of your circumstances and find temporary office space wherever you are.

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