Steve Jobs talks simple brand positioning

Steve Jobs brand positioning

In this video Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple, talks about simple brand positioning. If I can’t convince you to keep your marketing message simple, maybe Jobs will.

“We’re not gonna get a chance to get people to remember much about us,” Jobs said. “No company is.” His ideas is simple. You have to be really clear about your message if you want people to remember you. He recognised then we were living in a noisy, cluttered world.

Jobs’ brand positioning message was simple; “Think different.”

They chose not to dilute their brand by talking about technical specifications, like the competitors. They used a brand positioning statement that no one else in the computer industry had thought of: “Think different.”

At the time of writing this, I work in television advertising. I can tell you, now more than ever before, businesses compete in a cluttered environment. Your message needs to be simple, really simple.

Brand positioning is not just about advertising. It is about mind share. Your message needs to be simple enough to stay in people’s minds. Your message should also be different from competitors, so you stand above the competition.

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