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Kerrie Phipps
Kerrie Phipps
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I'm really impressed with this book. It's small and easy to read (and carry around to read while travelling) but also SO full of gems that it needs a re-read with a highlighter. I'll be using this as a resource and sharing with clients also, who will not only start their next big thing, but carry it through to completion with the tools in this well thought-out book.

What are you waiting for?

John Curley, Principal at Peacocke Accountants
John Curley, Principal at Peacocke Accountants@johncurley1
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I would like to thank Danny for running a great session at our workplace on time management. He was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. My staff all got lots of good tips on how to improve their own time management and also great tips on email management. I would highly recommend his services.
Brad Jephcott, Managing Director at Seen
Brad Jephcott, Managing Director at Seen@bradjephcott
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Danny is a considerate and thoughtful marketer, he takes time to understand and listen to his clients needs to help develop the right solution. Danny likes to keep across the latest marketing trends and also has great experience in digital and traditional marketing methods. I would happily recommend Danny if you're looking for someone to assist with your businesses marketing needs.
John Tannous, Director at Mad Lab Media
John Tannous, Director at Mad Lab Media@john-tannous-043090104
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Danny is an excellent marketer who understands the road to purchase. He is efficient with all things digital, from online execution to strategy and placement.
Tracey Redden, Director, Redden Family Real Estate
Tracey Redden, Director, Redden Family Real Estate@traceyredden
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I have dealt with Danny in many capacities and I have found Danny to be knowledgeable particularly with regards to media. He is always willing to work in with you and your timelines . A pleasure to do business with!
Daniel Maidens, Microbusiness Owner
Daniel Maidens, Microbusiness Owner@danielle-maidens
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Danny is the most patient, professional person to have assisting your business. Without Danny, I would be lost.
John Doe
John Doe@nigel-swanson-10a93915
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Danny ensure that he always keeps his customers up to date with the process at hand. Whilst in the process of organising my website there was no need for me to worry about things not being done as Danny had everything totally under control. It was great as Danny did all the behind the scenes work to get the finished product up & running. Highly recommend Danny's services to anyone looking for a professional approach to their website.
Harold Melnick, Head of Customer Success at Nearmap
Harold Melnick, Head of Customer Success at Nearmap@hmelnick
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Danny and I worked together in the Unified Communications area of Microsoft. I've always found Danny to be honest, focused, and keen to support his customers. Danny always supported our team and was keen to contribute. I wish Danny every success in his new business and I look forward to watching it grow.
Work-Life Design

Work-life design is a thing… and today is the day your book begins

So, last week, I was singing along to a couple of songs in my morning shower. Contemplating life. One of the songs was “Unwritten” by Natasha Bedingfield. Maybe both of those facts are more than you ever wanted to know about me… but it gave me an idea. I was reminded of a quote I once read in Stephen Covey’s “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

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Me, Oct 2019. Pre-occupied with trying to prove myself, again.

Whatever you want in life, you are already enough

I spent most of my young life thinking I wasn’t good enough. In fact, I’ve spent a fair chunk of my adult life feeling the same way. Wherever I was in my life and career, I would question, do I deserve to be here? Sorry, we’ve started our session early. Do you mind if I lay on your couch, while I tell you about my troubles?

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Future of work

How on Earth did we arrive in the Future of Work?

“Future of work” is not a new concept but the speed at which it smacked us in the face was a surprise. Mass panic of the pandemic has forced the future of work to become the new world of work. Adjust or die (okay, that might be a little bit dramatic but hey, I’m one coffee down already at 6:33am, so a littled psyched).

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