6 skills our smartphone kills!

Smartphones are killing our skills Have you noticed smartphones are killing our skills? For some, this doesn’t appear a problem but bear with me. What if World War 3 started? Okay, I’ll try and be a little less dramatic! What if smartphone service went down? Plausible. What if we had a zombie apocalypse? Okay, sorry… there I go again. My point is, […]

Communication skills you can improve without training

How to improve your communication skills Communication skills are vital whether you’re kicking goals for a sports team , flipping burgers, responding to an emergency, performing an operation, negotiating a business deal or performing some other role. If you want your business, team or organisation to be successful, you need to learn how to improve communication skills among its members. […]

10 tips to save time in meetings

How to trim the fat and save time at your next business meeting Business meetings can consume hours if you let them. Internal meetings are often a string of clichés and hardly a motivating way to start the day. The phrase, “We need to give 110%” is just getting old. Stop it, please! Before every business meeting, you should ask […]