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Why you need personal goals

Knowing¬†how to set your personal goals will help you clarify what you want in life. When you set clear personal goals you will understand exactly what you want, how much you want and¬†when you want it. Once you learn how to set your personal goals you will be able to focus your efforts and your […]

How to minimise distractions at work

In any office work environment there are plenty of distractions. A ringing phone, an email pop up alert, a colleague who wants to talk about weekend football. Some of these distractions are productive, like a break for example, but many are just keeping us from doing our work. A recent observation study by Fast Company […]

7 Simple Steps to Effective Time Management

Successful people have effective time management skills, so they work smarter instead of harder. Good time management is an essential skill and it offers several key benefits. Keep your time management plan simple. You can follow 7 easy steps to start practicing effective time management today. 1. Start your work day the right way! Start […]

Time management is your key to success

Effective time management plays a big role in any person’s success. I have been able to observe successful people in various roles and industries. One thing I have found to be constant is this idea that effective managers are those who use the best time management strategies.

During my work at Microsoft I was fortunate to see people who turned up early, worked very hard, skipped lunch and went home late. Unfortunately these same hard workers very rarely completed projects on time despite taking their work home several nights each week.

What you can learn from life when you face death

It’s a grim outlook but everyone must die. Maybe not today, however, it’s one of the few certain things in life. I was at my late uncles funeral when I made a decision to change my path in life. My uncle was a police officer in his younger years, so I used to enjoy hearing […]