Operation outsource my life

You’re probably going to think I’m lazy because I outsource my life. I don’t do much if I don’t need to or don’t want to. Hell, I can’t even remember the last time I vacuumed or washed the dishes at home. Not that I can’t vacuum. I just don’t want to.

Perhaps I should explain my thinking. I was raised to work hard. My mum used to say, “You don’t stop because you have worked long enough. You stop when the job is done”. I learned the value of hard work at home and it has served me well.

Hard work taught me that nothing comes easy. I learned if I want something to happen, I need to make it happen. Now I know the value of sticking with something, even when times get tough.

I’ve flipped burgers, washed dishes, sold mattresses, warehoused furniture, kicked drunks out of pubs and did some pretty dirty cleaning jobs to earn some cash. I have also had jobs I loved but I think it’s fair to say I will do what it takes to earn money.

My decision to outsource

However I also understand the value of time. Time is the stuff life is made of. A couple of years ago I concluded that doing everything myself, like and unchecked control freak, was not the smartest or best use of my time. What could I possibly do with my time if I outsourced or automated the tasks I didn’t want to do? I decided I was going to outsource my life.

My hard work and study has led me to more hard work and study… but now I’m in a position where I can focus on work, which brings more money. Today, one more hour invested in my job makes me more money than I can save by doing my own work around the house. And let’s face it -when it comes to handyman work, my wife will thank me for leaving it alone.

My wife and I delegate a lot of things we don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. We work hard, long hours, 5-6 days per week. What’s left, we choose to relax, enjoy time together or with family and friends.

We have one of those robot vacuums to clean the floor while we’re out, a dishwasher to take care of the dirty crockery, a cleaner to make the place sparkle every few weeks and a bloke who mows our lawn -you read that right. I’m that lazy… well, in my downtime at least.

Call me lazy. I don’t mind.

Plenty of people will read this and may call me lazy. I don’t mind. I’m happy to outsource whatever I don’t have time to do, don’t have the skill for or simply don’t want to do -and now I can do it without guilt or feeling like I need to explain myself. My most valuable time contribution is not house or yard work. It’s not my skill and I don’t enjoy it.

My biggest fear, when I first decided to outsource my life, was telling my hard working family that I pay someone to mow the lawns. “Wow. That’s so lazy,” My sister in law said. Then she looked at my brother and said, “Maybe we should do that”.

Feel free to complain if my decision to outsource my life upsets you. I probably won’t bother replying in this case or I might get someone else to write back. When I’m not at work, I’ll be too busy enjoying my downtime to worry.

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