Learn essential new skills in 2017

Gary Vee on personal branding

Do you want to learn essential new skills to put you ahead of the competition in 2017? Last year, I wrote about 10 things you need to do before you launch your startup business. I have hand picked courses for three of these essential skills, to help you get started. These skills will give you a head start if you plan to bulletproof your career, start a new business or dive into a new project.

Building a personal brand by Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Veynerchuk can teach you how to work hard and get ahead by building your personal brand online. Gary doesn’t just teach. He has built his own solid personal brand online and is considered an authority on this subject. Take the course.

How I used networking to triple my business in 6 months

Discover how to meet and help new people, while growing your business. Ely Delany tripled her business in 6 months and can teach you how she achieved those results. Take the networking course.

Market positioning for freelancers and small business owners

Learn how to create a value proposition to help you stand out ahead of your competition. Take the positioning course.

Take your first steps towards starting your next big thing. These courses can put you steps ahead of your competition and give you the head start you need for your best chance of success.

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