7 simple steps to master your time

Time to start your business or side project
Time to start your business or side project
Man using personal organiser to run his business from home.

Have you always wanted to start your own business or side project but you can never find the time? You’re not alone. I have been fortunate to meet hundreds of business owners, managers, executives and workers who have one thing in common. Most of them have a secret passion or side project but they can never find the time to work on it.

You and I live in the most resourceful time in history. Every day we hear about freelancers, publishers, solopreneurs and entrepreneurs who have created their own lifestyle businesses. Many of them started their business part time, as they worked. Only later, when they have proven their business is viable, they leave work and start working on their side business full time.

You and I also live in the most demanding time in history. Every day we are bombarded with incoming requests for our attention. If you’re like most people, you’re probably ‘burning the candle at both ends’, just to try and keep up at work. As a result, you may be feeling overwhelmed and starting to burn out. If this is the case, your health, family and personal life can start to suffer. All of this in pursuit of someone else’s goals, instead of your own.

I am not suggesting you pack up and quit your job. I am suggesting that the traditional idea of a career is over. I have been around to see people fired, who moments earlier thought their permanent full time jobs were safe. Our world is changing. Loyalty is fading, jobs are being sent overseas, employers are now hiring on contracts and previous full time positions are being filled by freelancers.

But there’s some good news. Our new world has opened a can of opportunities. Whether you already work for yourself or you work for someone else, you can take steps to increase your value. You can become more effective, more qualified and more difficult to replace. You can be in demand. You can find your personal strengths and new opportunities and get to work on them. You don’t need to discover the next big thing. You just need to find your next thing.

What would you do if you had two more hours today? Would you use your time to start:

  • Building your side business;
  • Writing your book;
  • Publishing your blog;
  • Recording your podcast;
  • Learning a new skill or;
  • Working on your side project?

You can learn how to take back control of your life. You can find time to start your next big thing. I’ve shared 7 simple steps you can follow to get back in control and find time for your secret side business or project:

  1. Discover your mission: Learn how to find your mission, so you know why you’re alive!
  2. Set your goals: Learn how to set the SMARTEST goals and make them more achievable.
  3. Get organised: Learn how to turn chaos to order and in turn be more effective.
  4. Stay focused: Learn the art of focus and how it can help you, now more than ever.
  5. Make a decision: Learn how to make decisions and why you need to do so.
  6. Take action: Learn what gets in your way, how to fix it and take action today.
  7. Review outcomes: Learn how and why you should pause and reflect on your results.

book-cover-for-blogOpportunity doesn’t knock. Like all good things in life, you need to go out and get it.

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