Less marketing. More impact.

Im marketing, less is more.

In marketing, less is more

Today’s business is faster, more complex and more challenging than before. Consumers are bombarded with marketing messages before dawn and after sunset. In my role as a TV Advertising Executive, I regularly encounter business owners, managers and even marketing professionals who believe that means their brand needs to be everywhere.

Marketing is about cutting through the clutter and grabbing your target audience’s attention. When I ask marketers who their target audience is, they can usually rattle off a well rehearsed answer. Following that conversation, they spread their money and time scarcely on every advertising medium there is. In other words, they don’t end up with a targeted advertising campaign.

Not surprisingly, their message is lost amongst the clutter.

Marketing doesn’t need to be like that. Sometimes in marketing, less is more. Here are a few examples of when a more concentrated marketing effort can have a greater impact:

  • Less mediums -measure the results from all of your advertising campaigns. Take your money from poor performing mediums and focus on the top one or two. Focus on reaching your target audience, instead of trying to reach everyone.
  • Less platforms -most of my local businesses use social media. Few actually know why. Likes and shares are nice but you need to work out which services are converting paying clients. You are better to understand and use a single social media service well than use 10 poorly.
  • Less competitors -conventional wisdom is “when business is booming it’s time to advertise”. That’s not when I would invest all of my advertising budget. If you want your message to stand out, you need to start advertising when your competitors are not. It’s easier to stand out when there are fewer competitive messages.
  • Less complexity-make your message simple and keep repeating it. A simple message repeated will be more effective than a complex message, which you can’t afford to repeat often. Remember, your audience has a very limited attention span. Keep it simple, repeat it often.
  • Less posts -well written, original blog posts and content will take you time to craft. You need to add relevant search terms and write well. It can take days to be picked up by search engines and to be shared, and discussed on social media. If you blog every day, your message might become confusing or diluted. Focus on quality, not quantity.
  • Less risk -so many businesses invest money into their next big idea and then try to sell it on a large scale. So many opportunities are available now to launch your idea on a small scale or a test basis. If you test an idea, you might decide it needs to be tweaked or maybe even stopped before it costs too much. Validate your new idea before you launch.

Great marketing is about effectiveness, not efficiency. You don’t need to be everywhere and do everything at once. Your time, energy and resources are limited. You are better to focus on getting the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

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