Make Cortana your personal assistant

Smartphone and personal assistant
Smartphone vs personal assistant

Cortana voice is your Windows mobile personal assistant. Voice assistants, like Cortana, have become a novelty and they can follow hundreds of commands. I’m going to teach you just 10, which I believe are the most useful for entrepreneurs.

You will first need to set Cortana to start following your voice commands. Once this is done, you can tell Cortana to start listening by clicking your devices search box and then the microphone.

Here are 10 commands you can try on Cortana voice, so you can start using it as your personal assistant.

  1. “Cortana; Make a note that I need to read the book ‘How to find time for your next big thing’.”
  2. “Cortana; Remind me to give the receptionist a box of chocolates next time I go to Sydney Dentist.”
  3. “Cortana; Remind me to mention our conference when I talk to James Hay.”
  4. “Cortana; Add sales meeting on Monday at 9am.”
  5. “Cortana; Move sales meeting from Monday at 9am to Wednesday at 4pm.”
  6. “Cortana; Text James Hay, ‘Hi James. Are we still on for our meeting?'”
  7. “Cortana; How long will it take me to get from here to Sydney Airport?”
  8. “Cortana; What is 15% of 4,369?”
  9. “Cortana; Call James Hay on speaker phone.”
  10. “Cortana; Send and urgent email to James Hay about our meeting agenda.”

This list is by no means comprehensive, however, by now you can see how capable Cortana is. If you don’t have your own personal assistant and you don’t have time to get things done, Cortana voice offers an alternative to perform many tasks of a personal assistant.

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