How to stay focused in a noisy world

How to stay focused in a noisy world

How to stay focused in a noisy worldI believe the future belongs to those who learn how to stay focused. Keep reading. There’s gold in this article.

Every day we are bombarded with thousands of advertising messages, thousands of ‘must read’ articles, hundreds of updates from friends, hours of new must watch videos and 24 hour news.

Are you still there?

People’s attention spans are becoming shorter, thanks to technology. In fact, one study suggests our average attention span is less than that of a gold fish. 8 seconds to be exact. Just picture yourself scrolling through social media. How long do you see an ad before you either click it or keep scrolling. If you’re like me, it’s about 2 seconds.

If you want to do anything worthwhile, like study a subject in depth, see a project through to completion, master your craft or build something big; you will need to learn how to stay focused. In my new course, Find Your Focus, you will learn a few tips and tricks about how to stay focused.

You will learn how to improve your ability to focus by addressing 4 parts to focus:

  1. Environment -learn how to minimise distractions and set up your workspace, so you have far fewer interruptions.
  2. Energy -learn how to stay focused by eating the right foods and engaging in good practices, so you maintain good energy levels throughout your work day.
  3. Clarity -learn how to set your best goals yet and be clear about what you want, so you know exactly where to direct your time and energy.
  4. Attention -learn how to give any important project your undivided attention and how to say no to other people’s expectations.

If you want to do anything worth doing, you will need to learn how to stay focused. I know that’s easier said than done in a world of constant noise and distractions. If you learn to master the elements above, you have a significantly better chance of success.

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