How to make a vision board in just 5 minutes

How to make a vision board

Are you curious how to make a vision board?

How to make a vision board
How to make a vision board

In this article, you will learn how to make a vision board. A vision board is simply a collection of photos, plans, pictures and other stimuli, which help you visualise your goals.

A vision board is not just an absract concept or a nice idea in theory. In fact, it can help you visualise the details in your plan. Individuals and organisations already use vision boards (or something similar) for many practical applications.

Vision boards help you picture the outcomes you want

Visualisation is very powerful. I have used examples in my own book, Time to Start, of high achievers who use visualisation to help them achieve their goals. I also wrote about computer simulation training programs, which are used in emergency services and military training.

Vision boards are simply visual aides, which help you envision your future success in your ‘mind’s eye’. I have used visualisation in my own life to help me achieve my goals.

Vision boards help you be clear about the results you want

I want you to think for a moment about the most ambitious project you can. Try and think about a famous building, house or bridge if you can. An architect or builder likely drew up a plan for each of these projects long before they started.

Long before a bridge is built, for example, similar bridges are photographed, an architect draws a design, an engineer will help with the calculations and someone (I assume the architect again?) will draw a few concepts of what the finished project might look like. All of this happens long before anyone picks up a hammer (or whatever they build bridges with these days!).

Your vision board should be the same. Instead of thinking about your vision board as some abstract concept, think of it as filling in the details of your plan.

Famous people who use a vision board

Before we dive into how to make a vision board, I want to mention a few famous successful people, who already use one. You can watch Steve Harvey talk to Oprah Winfrey about the importance of using a vision board.

Pop star Katy Perry reportedly made her first vision board when she was 9 years old, which depicted a singer she admired winning a Grammy Award. 15 years later, Katy won her first Grammy Award.

TV host Ellen DeGeneres showed her vision board to the audience on her show, which showed images of Oprah and ‘O’ Magazine, which she wanted to appear on the cover of. Some time later, Oprah called Ellen and invited her to appear on the cover. Watch the video of Oprah calling into Ellen.

I’m not suggesting a vision board has been solely reponsible for anyone’s success but I do believe very strongly in the power of visualisation. If a vision board helps you paint a chrystal clear picture of what you want, then in my mind, you will be significantly more likely to succeed.

How to make a vision board

You don’t need to know how to create the perfect vision board, you just need to get started. You can improve your vision board over time, as your goals and definition of success becomes clearer.

Your vision board does not need to be complicated. In fact, start off as simply as you can. Find a pin board, magnetic white board, a blank wall or just a piece of cardboard if that’s all you can muster up. If you have enought money, you can purchase something a bit nicer. The photo of the vision board in this article was taken at Kaisercraft.

Vision board apps exist and you can use those too, however, they are my least favourite option because you risk being distracted by app and message notifications every time you want to focus on your goals. So, for that reason, I prefer a low tech pin board or something similar.

What to include on your vision board

Use your personal mission statement (if you have one) or your personal goals, as a guide for what to include on your vision board. You might choose to include some of the following on your own board:

  • Anything you are grateful for and want to keep in your life
  • Words, phrases or quotes that motivate you
  • Photos of your mentors or others who inspire you
  • Pictures and records of milestones you have achieved
  • Records and photos of any big goals you have achieved
  • Drawings, plans or photos to help you envision your goals
  • Drawings and photos that remind you of future rewards

I recommend you include things on your vision board, which remind you of how much you have achieved. Envisioning your future will help you reach your goals, however, reminding yourself of your achievements in the past (no matter how small) can reaffirm your confidence.

Where to keep your vision board

In short, keep your vision board everywhere! I recommend you have a physical pin board or something similar, which you keep in a place you’re likely to see it every day. Keep a photo of it on your phone, update your computer desktop with that picture. My point is, you should be able to refer to your vision board as often as you need to remind yourself of your goals.

When should you start your vision board?

Today! Now you know how to make a vision board, your next step is to actually make one. Start searching magazines, finding quotes or taking photos that represent your dreams and goals. Remember to keep your vision board simple and uncluttered. Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”


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