How to get things done in a busy world

How to get things done


How to get things done

I am going to teach you how to get things done.

I encounter people smarter than me every day, who lack the confidence or the know how to achieve their goals.

How to build confidence

As I wrote in my book, Time to Start, confidence grows as you become competent. Competence is your ability to do something successfully or efficiently.

Did you notice that definition did not include reading, attending seminars or talking about what you could do -or intend to do? Yet, while most people can discuss a topic, they fail to take action.

Push yourself to take action

I know this may seem like a simple concept but I encounter dozens of people every week who read books, take courses, attend seminars, process information and then do nothing with the information. Ideas will never help you, unless you act on them.

Make your own mistakes and learn from them. You can learn more from a single mistake than from reading a dozen books or countless blog articles. I suggest you already know how to get things done but something is stopping you.

You might lack the motivation, decisiveness, direction or commitment. Fear of the process, of failure or of the outcomes are all reasons that people delay taking action or fail to act at all.

Break your goals down to get things done

If you’re dreaming of doing something, stop dreaming and start doing. Start your plan in motion by following the tips below:

  • Set yourself a goal or challenge, even if it’s only for 90 days
  • Break your goal down into sub-goals or milestones
  • Determine what actions you need to take to reach your goal
  • Make a commitment in your calendar to work on your goal
  • Decide your first action and do it ASAP

Turn what you learn into action

Maybe you could try reading less books but take the time to master the ones you do read. Perhaps you should attend fewer seminars but set goals in line with the ones you love. Maybe you should find blog authors you find the most credible and put what they teach into practice.

When you reach your goal or challenge, give yourself a reward. If you don’t reach your goal by the deadline you set for yourself, ask yourself why. Make decisions, overcome your fears and start your plan in motion. You already know how to get things done. You just need to act.


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