How to focus in an always on, always connected world

How to focus in a noisy world

How to focus in a noisy world

How to focus in a noisy worldIf you want to master any skill or achieve your goals in today’s world, you need to learn how to focus. Tune out from the noise and distractions and concentrate on what matters most. I know that’s easier said than done, which is why I wrote this article and created an infographic to help you.

People so accustomed to short videos, infographics and bite sized pieces of information online that we forget true mastery involves so much more focus, commitment and immersion.

Fortunately for you, I have caved and created an infographic, which gives you a few quick tips on how to focus. If you want more detailed tips, check out a few of my other articles about how to focus.

Why you find it hard to focus

Some sources estimate, a person living in a major city is likely to be exposed to up to 10,000 advertising messages each day. At the risk of being an alarmist, we are under attack from marketers! Okay, perhaps it’s not that extreme (says the marketing major in me) but still; focus is a dying art.

Technology is also arguably causing a decline in people’s attention spans. You may find it difficult to focus these days because you get interrupted with phone calls, voice mails, sms texts, instant messages, tweets, friend requests and email notifications; just to name a few. Compare that to just 20 years ago, when mobile phones were much bigger and much less common. Social media and text messages were’nt really a thing.

Please feel free to send and share this infographic to teach your colleagues, clients or followers how to focus. It gives a few simple ideas that anyone can follow. If you’re a manager, feel free to print this out and hang it on the pin board at work.

6 tips to find your focus

Here are some simple tips on how to focus:

  1. Turn off social media and email notifications, unless they are relevant to the task at hand
  2. Block or redirect any phone calls not related to what you are working on
  3. Focus on what you are working on right now by saying no to everything else
  4. Concentrate on a single task, rather than rapidly switching or multi-tasking
  5. Lock your office door or turn your chair to face away from colleagues
  6. Wear a pair of big, obvious headphones, so colleagues can see you are working
  7. Remove your visitor’s chair, welcome sign and anything else that invites drop in visitors

Print out this infographic on how to focus, as a handy reminder of how to minimise distractions and focus at work.


How to focus infographic

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