How to decide your best course of action

Once you have discovered what is most important you need to determine your best course of action. Here are a few suggestions you can use to help you decide.

Dismiss requests that do not match your goals or job description. Sometimes a polite and timely “no” or “I don’t have time” will work out best for both you and the person making the request. This will allow them time to make other arrangements.

Watch Steve Jobs in “Focusing is About Saying NO!”

Automate tasks that can efficiently be dealt with by technology. For example; you can set up your email software to automatically sort your email based on subject or sender. Setting up something like this is much more efficient than using your own or someone else’s valuable time.

Delegate your activity to an assistant or colleague if it matches their goals or job description more closely than it does yours. Only delegate a task to someone else if you don’t have time available or if you believe you will be more effective by working n another activity.

Outsource tasks when they require a particular set of skills or qualifications not available within your organisation. You might also find it helpful to outsource unskilled tasks when your time, and that of your colleagues, is better spent elsewhere.

Finally, take action if you are the most suitable person for the task at hand and you have deemed it to be important.

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