How to get email working for you

Most technology comes to life because it makes something faster, cheaper or more simple. Why then is email a constant battle for some? Why is it that we can waste hours each day dealing with email?

Here are some quick tips for saving time and taking control of your email:

  • Don’t start each day in your inbox: when you start the day sorting through email you are letting other people decide your agenda. Instead you should start the day in your own calendar and set your own agenda.
  • Check email periodically throughout the day: Don’t leave your email on all day. Checking email as it arrives is disruptive. Email notifications are designed to get your attention -and take it away from what you are already doing. Instead, make some time in your calendar to check email about three times a day.
  • Unsubscribe from mailing lists: 80% of the email in your inbox is probably not necessary for your job. I know some email is fun to receive, however, marketing emails are designed to keep your attention for a very long time. Give some serious thought to whether email is the best way for you to get your news, shopping and other information or whether you should just visit fun websites when you have the time.
  • Pay for email: Everyone likes something for nothing. Even me! The downside of free email is that it usually comes with a lot of spam (junk) and malicious email. Usually you can upgrade at a small cost to get a decent spam email filter (but then it’s no longer free!). Spending $10 a year on a good, reliable email account in the first place could save you countless hours sorting through junk.

Finally, when you log in to check your email, you need to sort out your inbox. Life Hacker has come up with a simple method to sort your email. Click on the link below for 3 simple steps to sort your email.

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