How decision making impacts your goals

Improve your decision making

Decision making matters

Decision making matters

I was reminded recently about the importance of decision making by my good friend and Body Transformation Specialist, Peter Brown.

Peter explained, “Every decision you make will either move you closer to or further away from your goals.”

Peter owns Fisique and he loves to help his clients achieve their personal goals. He practices what he preaches.

Turn decisions into habits

Good decision making is just the start of any achievement. Act on your decisions if you want to be successful. Turn repeated actions into habits, so they are almost automatic.

Peter’s decision to wake up 2-3 hours before most people is not for some. His choice (and later his habit) to make a substantial amount of his food raw fruit and vegetables might not be as appealing as the processed rubbish most people eat.

I won’t even start on his decision to work hard at the gym often enough to maintain a six pack!

I can tell you this… Peter didn’t start where he is now. Nobody starts at the top.

Practice better decision making if you want to be more successful. For example; if your goal is to have more money, your choices need to reflect this. Find a better job, spend less or invest your money. Make an instant coffee this morning instead of buying, so you can save some money.

Perhaps your goal is to be earn more money. Get up early and go to that breakfast meeting, learn more or work on your communication skills of you want to position yourself as an expert. Set aside an hour today and start writing your book perhaps. Small decision making can move you closer to or further from your goals.

Find yourself a mentor

Find a mentor who is today, where you want to be tomorrow and copy their decisions. Whatever you want to achieve, you will probably find someone who has done it before. If not, you might find a mentor who has done something similar or works in a related field. Find someone who inspires you and ask them how they would do what you want to do.

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently” -Tony Robbins, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author.

Decision making, followed by action, has the potential to move you closer to your goals today. Make mistakes, learn from them and keep moving forward. Most individual decisions will not make or break you. As Tony Robbins reminds us in his quote above: consistency that wins in the end.


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