Danny Hile’s Professional Profile

Danny Hile profile photoTime Management Skills Consultant, Author & Blogger.

Who is Danny Hile?

Danny Hile teaches time management skills to startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers. He is a published time management author, blogger and consultant.

Time Management Skills

Balancing multiple demanding work roles, Danny is a time management consultant, productivity blogger,  business partner (at Business Exchange Club), advertising sales executive and a board member at his local chamber of commerce.

Danny’s Goals & Achievements

Danny has earned his Master of Business and Commerce Degree and previously a Bachelor of Commerce. He was selected among the top 4 percent of university graduates, as part of ProGrad’s (now ProForce) sales and negotiation recruitment process.  You can find out more about Danny’s personal achievements on his LinkedIn profile.

Work-life Management

Occasionally, Danny runs workshops on work-life management. He has long been a passionate advocate of helping friends, colleagues and clients find their work-life balance. Aside from his own work and business commitments, Danny makes time for his partner, his family and his own health and happiness.

Business & Startup Experience

Danny owns and operates his own startup business, however, his experience extends to helping other small business owners too. His consulting work in both IT and marketing has exposed him to several business startup and growth challenges, which he has often worked through with business owners to find and present solutions.

Small Business Connections

Previously Danny was President of Business Networking International (Phoenix Chapter) and was a serving board member on Picton Chamber of Commerce. Today, he serves on the board of Dubbo Chamber of Commerce and is an active partner in Business Exchange Club. Each of these roles became an opportunity for Danny to learn more about the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs.

Business Consulting

Danny worked in Microsoft’s incubation team, as an online services consultant. His consulting role involved advising business managers and team leaders at all levels about communication, collaboration, remote work teams and new ways to work.

New Market Growth

As the only SME online services consultant in Australia, Danny was under-resourced and had zero budget to grow his territory. Despite these challenges, within 12 months he became the top sales performer in Asia-Pacific.

Marketing Qualifications & Experience

Danny was a Marketing Major upon completion of his Bachelor’s degree and completed a Marketing Specialisation while studying his Masters.