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How to switch off after work

How to turn off after a long workday

Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBufferHow to turn off after work One of the challenges of working from home is finding how to turn off after work. Lines between work and personal life have become blurred, thanks to technology, globalisation and a culture of busyness (being busy for the sake of it). Busyness is not essential, it’s fashionable. I know […]

Best Time Management Books: The 4 Hour Work Week

Best time management books

Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBufferWhat are the best time management books? While writing my book, Time to Start, I read dozens of so called best time management books. I have to be honest though. Some of those books are worth taking the time to read and others are not. There were a select few, however, which were worth […]

American billionaires discuss the rich life

American billionaires talk about the rich life

Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBufferWhat’s it really like for two American billionaires living the rich life? I stumbled on this interview by Charlie Rose, during which he talks to American billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffett about what it really means to have a rich life. I have been teaching the importance of being careful with your time. […]

How to get in shape

How to get in shape and stay in shape

Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBufferLearn how to get in shape and stay in shape Hi, my name is Peter Brown I am a proud father of two girls and a body transformation specialist. I can teach you how to get in shape and stay in shape. Danny Hile invited me to write this post and I am genuinely excited to contribute […]

Ricardo Semler's work life balance

Work life balance success

Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBufferWork life balance is real. As I write these words, I can almost hear the chorus of people repeating, “work life balance is dead.” They’ve heard it so many times, it must be true. Right? Others are adamant that success comes at a price. “You can either have success or work life balance but […]