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How to get in shape

How to get in shape and stay in shape

Learn how to get in shape and stay in shape Hi, my name is Peter Brown I am a proud father of two girls and a body transformation specialist. I can teach you how to get in shape and stay in shape. Danny Hile invited me to write this post and I am genuinely excited to contribute as […]

Ricardo Semler's work life balance

Work life balance success

Work life balance is real. As I write these words, I can almost hear the chorus of people repeating, “work life balance is dead.” They’ve heard it so many times, it must be true. Right? Others are adamant that success comes at a price. “You can either have success or work life balance but you […]

Work life balance

Why work life balance is still a thing

There is much debate about whether work life balance is dead. Some propose there’s no such thing as work life balance anymore, as indicated in a recent Bloomberg article [1] that shows overwhelming evidence that it is indeed becoming more challenging than before. Some authors propose work life integration is a better option. One such […]

How to stop feeling overwhelmed at work

How you can stop feeling overwhelmed at work

In this video Dr Mike Clayton explains, in 7 simple steps, how you can stop feeling overwhelmed at work. I first came across Clayton when I took his Udemy course, Practical Time Management. When you’re feeling overwhelmed at work, Clayton suggests you take the following steps: List all of the things you think you need to […]

Tony Robbins shares his best morning routine

Tony Robbins walks us through his morning routine

Leading life and business strategist, Tony Robbins, believes his best morning routine can help you feel better and will give you the best chance of success. Robbins has coached leaders around the world for more than 38 years and is the author of five best selling books. In this brief interview, Robbins talks about how to […]