Category: Time Management Skills

How to get email working for you

Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBufferMost technology comes to life because it makes something faster, cheaper or more simple. Why then is email a constant battle for some? Why is it that we can waste hours each day dealing with email? Here are some quick tips for saving time and taking control of your email: Don’t start each day […]

How to remember anyone’s name

Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBufferRemembering  names is still one of my biggest weaknesses, despite spending over 10 years in sales and marketing. Usually, like most people, I don’t like asking for someone’s name a second time, which can lead to problems building rapport. This brief video will help you with 5 simple techniques for remembering the names of […]

Define your work life balance

Share this…FacebookLinkedinTwitterRedditBufferWhat is your ideal work life balance? How you can change your life to make it happen… As someone who has helped countless clients, colleagues and friends set up home and mobile offices, I have been asked many times, “What is work life balance?” Most people have heard the term work life balance but most view […]

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