Category: Time Management Skills

How to turn busyness into productivity

You don’t need to look far if you want to find a busy person. Hard workers seem to have a knack for keeping busy. People in all walks of life seem to be working longer hours these days and many are doing unpaid work after hours. It’s not healthy, it’s not productive and it can […]

If you hate what you do, find what you love

Do you think you have a calling in life? If you don’t like what you do for work than the chances are that’s not your calling. According to Deloitte, (as referenced in the following video) 80% of people dislike their work. So, is it possible to find work you love and make that your legacy? […]

Radical leadership wisdom in business and life

Ricardo Semler has a very unconventional approach to leadership. In some circles, Ricardo’s style would be likened to a lasses faire or ‘laid back’ idea of leadership. He trusts his employees to set their own hours, determine their own pay and to do the best thing by his company.¬† In the following video Ricardo will […]

How to get email working for you

Most technology comes to life because it makes something faster, cheaper or more simple. Why then is email a constant battle for some? Why is it that we can waste hours each day dealing with email? Here are some quick tips for saving time and taking control of your email: Don’t start each day in […]

How to remember anyone’s name

Remembering¬† names is still one of my biggest weaknesses, despite spending over 10 years in sales and marketing. Usually, like most people, I don’t like asking for someone’s name a second time, which can lead to problems building rapport. This brief video will help you with 5 simple techniques for remembering the names of people […]