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How decision making impacts your goals

Improve your decision making Decision making matters I was reminded recently about the importance of decision making by my good friend and Body Transformation Specialist, Peter Brown. Peter explained, “Every decision you make will either move you closer to or further away from your goals.” Peter owns Fisique and he loves to help his clients […]

Social media marketing madness

Social media marketing madness

We live in a time of social media marketing madness. Every second person and their donkey claims to be a social media marketing expert. Constant stimulation from our own exposure to social media have us, as consumers, believing there is no other way for marketers to reach us. Congratulations by the way. If you’re still […]

How to get things done

How to get things done in a busy world

How to get things done I am going to teach you how to get things done. I encounter people smarter than me every day, who lack the confidence or the know how to achieve their goals. How to build confidence As I wrote in my book, Time to Start, confidence grows as you become competent. […]

Knowing is not enough

Knowing is not enough. We must apply.

Bruce Lee famously once said, “knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do”. You and I live in a time when information is plentiful. Almost anything you want to know or learn is at your fingertips. It is understandable that many people still think we’re in the information age. […]

Steve Jobs brand positioning

Steve Jobs talks simple brand positioning

In this video Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple, talks about simple brand positioning. If I can’t convince you to keep your marketing message simple, maybe Jobs will. “We’re not gonna get a chance to get people to remember much about us,” Jobs said. “No company is.” His ideas is simple. You have to be really clear about your […]