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Productivity apps

Best productivity apps for entrepreneurs

Best productivity apps for business 7 best productivity apps for entrepreneurs There are 7 best productivity apps I have used to stay organised and be more effective in my blog, working on projects and in my business. When you have a specific opportunity or problem in business, you might find yourself asking, “Hey. Is there an app for that?” I have […]

6 skills our smartphone kills!

Smartphones are killing our skills Have you noticed smartphones are killing our skills? For some, this doesn’t appear a problem but bear with me. What if World War 3 started? Okay, I’ll try and be a little less dramatic! What if smartphone service went down? Plausible. What if we had a zombie apocalypse? Okay, sorry… there I go again. My point is, […]

Smartphone addiction

Smartphones have us trained like monkeys

Smartphone addiction is common Smartphone addiction is a thing and you probably even have it. According to Psychiatrist Dr Archer, the fear of being without a smartphone is called nomophobia and it affects 40% of the population. What causes smartphone addiction? Why are so many people addicted? Dr Archer argues that smartphone addiction comes about because these devices are such […]

My top 5 killer time management apps for Android

I have worked with quite a few nerds who love information technology for the sake of it. Good for them. I’m not one of them. I am only interested in information technology, so far as it enhances people’s lives. Everyday people. Time management apps fit that criteria. I have downloaded quite a few apps in my search for the ones […]