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10 tips to save time in meetings

How to trim the fat and save time at your next business meeting Business meetings can consume hours if you let them. Internal meetings are often a string of clichés and hardly a motivating way to start the day. The phrase, “We need to give 110%” is just getting old. Stop it, please! Before every […]

How to get things done

How to get things done in a busy world

How to get things done I am going to teach you how to get things done. I encounter people smarter than me every day, who lack the confidence or the know how to achieve their goals. How to build confidence As I wrote in my book, Time to Start, confidence grows as you become competent. […]

Advanced Google search

7 advanced Google search tricks for work

Save yourself hours at work with these 7 advanced Google search tricks. Perform faster searches and save time with a few simple tricks. Your work colleagues will think you’re so advanced! Google search a specific website from the search bar. For example, if you want to search for the word ‘book’, simply type ‘ […]


How to decide which tasks you should outsource

Outsourcing tasks is easier than ever before but how do you decide what you should outsource? Some entrepreneurs believe everything should be done internally, so they can control the quality. Some entrepreneurs believe that everything should be outsourced, so they save time and money. I would argue the reality is somewhere in the middle. You […]

Virtual Assistant Services

How to find your virtual assistant

Several virtual assistant services are available for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. I took some time to get used to trusting the outsourcing process myself; however, I’m getting a lot more confident with hiring freelancers. As an entrepreneur, you probably already know you shouldn’t outsource everything. Instead, invest your personal time into activities where you deliver the […]