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6 skills our smartphone kills!

Smartphones are killing our skills Have you noticed smartphones are killing our skills? For some, this doesn’t appear a problem but bear with me. What if World War 3 started? Okay, I’ll try and be a little less dramatic! What if smartphone service went down? Plausible. What if we had a zombie apocalypse? Okay, sorry… there I […]

Communication skills you can improve without training

How to improve your communication skills Communication skills are vital whether you’re kicking goals for a sports team , flipping burgers, responding to an emergency, performing an operation, negotiating a business deal or performing some other role. If you want your business, team or organisation to be successful, you need to learn how to improve […]

Morning coffee time saving tips

Smartphone productivity while you wait

Waiting is part of our modern lives. We wait in traffic, wait for lunch, wait on colleagues, wait for meetings and we wait for coffee. Sometimes waiting time offers a welcome break from the hussle and bussle. Other times, waiting can be an inconvenience.
Thanks to smartphones and tablets, we can still use that time away from our desk to be productive.

Information overload is a real problem

How to stop drowning from information overload

In my first ever office job I suffered from information overload. I had access to the world on my laptop but I could never work out quite where to start. I would love hearing, watching, reading and surfing news. I knew everything that was happening in the world –or so I foolishly thought. Every morning […]

How to get on top of your email

Email was designed as a fast, free communication method but as with most new technology it will become a nuisance if we don’t manage it properly. Due to email being free it has been the medium for a lot of unwanted messages, (spam) malicious emails, scams and even over use of something that should be […]