7 advanced Google search tricks for work

Advanced Google search

advanced Google searchSave yourself hours at work with these 7 advanced Google search tricks. Perform faster searches and save time with a few simple tricks. Your work colleagues will think you’re so advanced!

  1. Google search a specific website from the search bar. For example, if you want to search dannyhile.com for the word ‘book’, simply type ‘site:dannyhile.com book’. This will save you time navigating to the website and then performing a secondary search.
  2. Compare products, services or companies with their competition, even if you don’t know who that is. For example, if you want to find out who competes with Microsoft, simply type ‘Microsoft vs’ and a list of competitors will be advanced.
  3. Google search an exact quote or phrase by adding quotation marks around any search term. For example, a search for “slow cooker recipes” will only return results with that phrase, in that order.
  4. Search a specific file type in Google by adding ‘filetype:’ and the file extension you require. For example, if you want to search only PDF files, you type ‘filetype:PDF’. If you want to search only PPT files, you type ‘filetype:PPT’.
  5. Search a specific date range for any article by typing the date range directly in the search bar. For example, you might want to find articles about Donald Trump written only in August. In that case, type ‘Donald Trump August 1..August 31’ to perform an advanced Google search for Trump articles.
  6. Set a count down timer, so you can keep track of time online. Simply type ‘set timer for’, followed by the time you need for the countdown. Type the number of units, followed by ‘s’ for seconds, ‘m’ for minutes or ‘h’ for hours.
  7. Perform an advanced Google search to convert currency, measurements, time zones and more. Simply type the units and measure you want to covert and then specify what you want it converted to. For example, try typing ‘convert $5 usd to aud’ to convert five US dollars to the equivalent in Australian dollars.

These are just a few tips to save you time when doing research or browsing at work. If you have trouble remembering what to type in the search bar, you can always just go to the advanced Google search page and easily perform more accurate searches.


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