Who is Danny Hile?

Danny ‘s purpose is to help you “love your work”, whether that means where you are, where you want to be or even your own business.

Everyone has unique value they contribute to the world because everyone has their own story, experiences, skills and knowledge that make them who they are.


Danny’s mission is to help you find:

  • Joy in what you do
  • Time for what you love
  • Space for what matters most in your life

Helping People

Danny is an Author, Blogger and Course Instructor, who has helped thousands of students with goal setting, time management and work life management. Danny started writing his book as a self refelction exercise, later realising that what he learned during the process could help others.

Halfway through wiritng the book, Danny said to his fiance at the time (now his wife), “If this book helps one person to feel happy or fulfilled, it will have been worth writing”. Indeed it helped people in ways he never dreamed.

One of the most touching tributes was when a man, who was grieving from the loss of a family member, attended Danny’s office to tell him what the book meant to him. “Everyone needs to read this”, he said, “Because life is too short. People don’t realise”. 

Microbusiness Specialist

Danny has long had a passion for helping aspiring business owners or those just starting out. His core belief is that everyone has a superpower, even you. He works for a non-profit organisation, helping clients who find themselves in challenging circumstances, start and grow their business. 

Danny has extensive experience in marketing and advertising, including TV, radio and digital marketing. In addition to his formal qualifications of Master of Business and Commerce, and Bachelor of Commerce with a Marketing Major, he has specialist certificates in various aspects of digital marketing. Danny has designed and launched dozens of websites for clients, however, he maintains only a “handful” today because of other time commitments.