6 secrets of time management masters

Time management secretsHave you ever wanted to learn the secrets of time management masters? Time management has changed.

Technology, and our handling of it, are partly responsible for giving us a world of great opportunity but overwhelming noise. Many people believe we are still in the information age and getting ahead is about processing that information faster. It is not. Information is free. It is everywhere.

Here are 6 time management secrets every entrepreneur should know. Essentially, these are 6 ways to lead with a competitive advantage and be more effective in whatever you do.

  1. Be unconventional: If you’re trying to be just like everyone else, you will never stand out from the pack. Marketers, for example, speak in terms of a unique selling proposition as a competitive advantage. If you want to be more effective against your competition, as an individual or a business, you must do something unique.
  2. Be resourceful: Resources were once a source of advantage for the person or business with the deepest pockets. You have plenty of options for accessing resources these days, as long as you know where to look. In other words, having resources is not as important as being resourceful and knowing where to find them.
  3. Really think: Information is everywhere, however, original ideas are not. We are constantly bombarded with stimuli that tells us how to think. Try turning your computer off and going for a walk next time you need to come up with ideas. Original ideas and solutions don’t come from the Internet (sorry guys).
  4. Find a mentor: Find someone who inspires you to show you the way. You could probably learn on your own but it might take you years and cause unnecessary setbacks. If you don’t know someone personally, find an author and read their book or find a coach and take their course. You don’t need to do things on your own.
  5. Test your ideas: Test your ideas in a small way before you invest your time and money in them. It is possible to launch a product for pre-sale these days before you go to the time, effort and expense of making it. You can test the waters in all walks of life, not just business. For example, if you need to meet with someone but aren’t sure if they will show, try sending a meeting request and wait for a reply to confirm. Once they have confirmed, then prepare your meeting agenda and anything else you need.
  6. Stay flexible: Change is going to happen. Every day we hear about changing laws, regulations, social media terms of use and the volatile economy, just to name a few. Expect change and be ready to adapt to whatever comes your way. You will be more effective if you can adapt to change more swiftly than your competition.

Time management is not about efficiency or how you can fit more into your daily calendar. It is about effectiveness and how you go about achieving your outcomes or objectives. Good time management is about choosing the right things to work on, rather than trying to work on more things. Whatever you want to achieve in business or life, ask yourself, “Is there an easier way?”

Chances are there probably is an easier way.

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