Danny can help you find time to start your next big thingHave you always wanted to start your own business or side project but you can never find the time? You’re not alone. I have been fortunate to meet hundreds of business owners, managers, executives and workers who have one thing in common. Most of them have a secret passion or side project but they can never find the time to work on it.

I started writing this blog for myself, so I could get to work on my next big thing. I have learned a great deal about time from my own life experiences; I previously earned my Masters of Business and Commerce, worked as a Microsoft consultant for small and medium enterprises, started my own web design business, served as chapter president of Business Networking International, served as an executive member at Picton Chamber of Commerce and now I’ve written my first book, ‘How to find time to start your next big thing’.

As I wrote my first book I was, and still am, working full time in TV advertising sales. I am also a serving executive on the Dubbo Chamber of Commerce Board. I have read dozens of books about time management and productivity and tested what I learned. I have taken the time to reflect and think about what I have discovered on my journey.

I have also had my fair share of failures. I have learned as much from my failure, as I have from my success. I haven’t hidden those from anyone. I have written them in black and white for all to see. These examples have shaped who I am and what I know, so I took the time to reflect on those also.

Ask yourself; what would you do if you had two more hours today? Would you use your time to start:

  • Building your side business;
  • Writing your book;
  • Publishing your blog;
  • Recording your podcast;
  • Learning a new skill or;
  • Working on your side project?

My name’s Danny Hile and I can teach you how to take back control of your life. You can find time to start your next big thing and I can show you how.